Who needs full service vending?

Any business in need of convenience.  From business buildings to schools and hospitals, any workplace can have its own vending machines.

How much will it cost me to set up?

KP Vending Systems provides free set up and installation.  There are no costs for service, maintenance, or repair. As a matter of fact we will pay you for having our machines on your site.

Who provides the machines?

Prior to start of service, KP Vending Systems will provide machines to your location.  There is no cost for your business to have fully serviced, high quality vending machines.

Is there a contract?

KP Vending Systems offers FREE 90 day No-Obligation Trial after that period your contract is extended for 12 months.  Our goal is to keep you happy and we are glad to help with any requests!

What if I loose money?

This happens to the best of us.  KP Vending Systems will fully reimburse any money that is lost from our vending machines.

What is your service area?

We provide service for Co.Dublin, Co. Wicklow, Co.Meath and Co. Kildare.

What do I do if I want a certain product in the machines?

Throughout the years, KP Vending Systems has certainly heard the most creative requests!  We will give any idea a try! 

Do you sell vending machines?

Yes.  KP Vending Systems has been providing other vending companies with used and new machines.  If you are starting a new vending business, or if you just need a few machines, please give us a call!

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